What a beautiful wedding Chantel and Gerard had put together. I absolutely fell in love with all the colours and details, lots of greys and copper even down to the matching cutlery. They chose to have an outside ceremony at Vaulty Manor in Goldhanger Essex. The weather was very kind to us and the guests enjoyed their drinks reception and canapés within the grounds of the lovely barn. Chantel and Gerard were lucky enough to celebrate the day with their two children Theo and Amalee. Theo had the important role of best man and provided one of the best speeches I have heard. Think we should let kids do the public speaking! After enjoying a huge bbq buffet for 160 people I was able to take them for a dusk walk, followed by their first dance.


Some beautiful photos capturing a great wedding day and party.( It was not an easy task getting the guests you needed to the right place!)
Please can you change the name of my grandaughter to Amalee. Thank you

Just been able to get photos up with Lynne’s help,they are beautiful.what a lovely day we all had.Pleased you enjoyed Rome.Good luck for the future.xx

Just been able to get photos up with Lynne’s help.they are beautiful,what a lovely day we all had. Pleased you enjoyed Rome. Good luck for the future.xx