Aug 17, 2023

Becky was so much more than a photographer. It felt like she was my honorary bridesmaid for the day. She helped calm my nerves, helped fluff my veil and pin my dress. She was so wonderful – she even helped my husband put the finishing touches to his wedding suit. We are beyond delighted with our wedding photos, they are absolutely stunning! We are constantly laughing as a couple and have been in love for so many years, and it shines through every image. Thank you so so much for capturing our wonderful day, we knew you were the right photographer for us. Jackie & Andy

Jackie and Andy’s summer wedding at Blake Hall in Ongar was a radiant celebration of love. The sun-kissed day perfectly complemented the rustic boho vibe, adorned with sage greens and exquisite flowers.

The ceremony, accompanied by a harpist which included music from “Up,” reflected their adventurous spirits and upcoming hot air balloon honeymoon in Turkey. The vibrant rainbow confetti showered upon them with an added a burst of colour I always enjoy.

A delightful surprise came during the golden hour walk, where I got a sneak peek of Jackie and Andy’s well practiced first dance routine, illuminated by the soft, warm light.

As day turned to night, Three Mile Hill took the stage, infusing the air with energy and setting the dance floor ablaze.

This intimate wedding, marked by love and laughter, was a privilege to capture—a snapshot of cherished moments as Jackie and Andy embarked on their journey as a married couple.


Venue: Blake Hall
Love Light
Three Mile Hill
RT Cakes
Springfield Florist
Caroline Hall Harpist

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